Friday, November 5, 2021


A solution designed for Domino to give you LESS of the following, so you get MORE performance and value:

  • Server I/O = Less
  • Compacting = Less
  • DBIID Changes = Less
  • Fragmentation = Less
  • Backup requirements = Less
  • Backup times = Less
  • Server restart time when TXN Log or Consistency Checking required = Less
  • View Rebuild times = Less
  • Administrator To-Do List = Less
  • Program Documents = Less
  • Troubleshooting Time = Less

Below are performance reports showing split I/O's on the same server performing backup operations on the same database, one using our software, one not using our software  - Which server backup do you think is performing better A or B?

Backup A

Backup B

Do you want your Domino servers to perform better? Put a 30 day trial on your Domino server and see the benefits for yourself.

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