Monday, November 29, 2021

When LESS is MORE - part 2

Another view of the backup improvements from our previous blog, this time the actual backup duration difference and data throughput as shown on Domino's console, on the same server performing backup operations on the same database, one using our optimization software, one not using our software. Which server backup do you think is performing better, A or B?

Backup A

Backup B

MB/s gains (When More IS actually More)

A solution designed for Domino to give you LESS of the following, so you get MORE performance and value:

  •     Server I/O = Less
  •     Compacting = Less
  •     DBIID Changes = Less
  •     Fragmentation = Less
  •     Backup requirements = Less
  •     Backup times = Less
  •     Server restart time when TXN Log or Consistency Checking required = Less
  •     View Rebuild times = Less
  •     Administrator To-Do List = Less
  •     Program Documents = Less
  •     Troubleshooting Time = Less

Do you want your Domino servers to perform better? Put a 30 Day trial on your Domino server and see for yourself.

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