Friday, March 19, 2021

Perform 16 NSF performance optimizations with one button press.

 Defrag.NSF+ It just gets better.

If you wish to target a single or multiple databases manually for maintenance, you can do this by selecting a database (or multiple db's) in the left most column and then using the “Action → Select for …… and choose Defrag or Optimization (you can also deselect the options). 

This will place a Green tick in the Defrag/DBMT columns for those databases.


If you then click “Run now on selected database(s)", Defrag.NSF+ will perform the following optimizations on the databases flagged:

  1. Purge deletion stubs
  2. Expire soft deleted entries
  3. Enable Document Compression
  4. Enable LZ1 Compression
  5. Enable Design Compression
  6. Ignore Overwrite Freespace
  7. Implement DAOS attachment separation
  8. Pull the views from the database
  9. Update views
  10. Reorganize folders
  11. Merge full-text indexes
  12. Update unread lists
  13. Ensure that critical views are created for failover
  14. Compact the database
  15. Update the ODS if required
  16. Defragment the database

So it is really easy to target a database that needs attention and that's a lot of mileage for a couple of clicks.

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Every Domino admin loves a UI for comprehensive database maintenance

Imagine if DBMT had a comprehensive UI with advanced, integrated scheduling options, an automatic selection criteria based on user configuration, optimisation of the DBMT, all fully integrated with the Domino Administrator client.

Defrag.NSF+ has all this and much. much more, in fact all of the features listed below are Free to use and integrated in Defrag.NSF+ Version 11.

  •     A GUI for DBMT
  •     A daily scheduler for DBMT
  •     Easily optimise DBMT by allowing it to avoid compacting databases without a specified amount of free space
  •     DBMTautomatically skip recently processed databases
  •     DBMT automatically skip databases in a specific directory, for example why continuously process potentially thousands of roaming files on a busy mail server
  •     Automatic enabling of database features like document compression, attachment compression and design compression
  •     Automatic enabling of DAOS on databases that match a template and then move the attachments into the DAOS repository
  •     Automatic enabling of Notes Index separation on databases that match a template or directory path
  •     Maintenance performed on System databases with the tick of a checkbox
  •     Easily scheduled automatic DAOS catalog synchronisation.

This release also includes for Free:

    A Health Check report on your server with recommendations on how to improve performance
    Comprehensive analysis of performance-sapping fragmentation that may exist in your Domino databases

This is just the Free Stuff, our fully licensed version unleashes Defrag.NSF+ including with multiple intelligent defrag options and is fully supported.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

A simple way to automatically check and adjust database properties - just set and forget.

Defrag.NSF+ can automatically check and enable targeted database properties. These are best practice HCL recommended database property settings that are known to improve performance by reducing disk I/O and also disk space requirements.

All databases with their design based on the templates listed will have these properties set as selected in the tick boxes.

These best practice database properties are often overlooked and this option will catch those automatically at the next maintenance run. This also ensures newly created databases (based on the templates listed) will be configured to benefit from these property settings as well, without requiring any attention from an administrator.

Further Details of the options listed:

Enable Document Compression:

The database property 'Compress document data' can reduce disk I/O and disk space demands: Description

Enable LZ1 Compression:

The database property 'LZ1 compression on attachments' can reduce disk I/O and disk space demands. Description

Enable Design Compression:

The database property 'Compress document design' can reduce disk I/O and disk space demands. Description

Don’t Overwrite Freespace:

The database property 'Don't overwrite free' can reduce disk I/O and disk space demands. Description

A simple way to automatically check and adjust database properties - set and forget.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Get those Domino System Databases back in shape

It's not unusual for Domino servers to have bloated System databases that never seem to get compacted/maintained because it's just always been a hassle for many admins to shut down and manually do it. As a result, these databases are often neglected, missing out on needed regular maintenance, so they can get pretty huge and can often respond sluggishly when they do need to be opened. Usually with many GB of disk space trapped inside they are just wasting disk space too, it all adds up costing time and money, not to mention it can be aggravating for admins and users when they do need to work with these databases.

This feature in Defrag.NSF+ makes it so easy to apply best practice maintenance, get these compacted back to an optimised size, free up space and give Domino a nice scheduled "Health Restart".

Defrag.NSF+ makes this as simple as ticking a few boxes, set and forget, and if this is scheduled once a week the difference this can make to Domino is significant..

As an added bonus, those Domino System DB's also got an ODS upgrade during the process.



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Monday, March 1, 2021

System Drive Maintenance for Domino Servers

How to quickly configure System (C:\) drive maintenance for your Domino server. 

Everything running on NTFS runs better when the System drive is in top shape, including the Domino Server application, and yes, the resulting reduction in Server I/O improves performance even if storage is Solid State. 

You can perform the following even when Domino is up and running (no noticeable impact on the server or users), due to the unique manner in which Defrag.NSF+ utilises our custom built defragging engines.

Here is an example:

A Defrag.NSF Health Report shows the System (C:\) drive could use a little TLC (36000+ fragments)

Simply set a schedule for any time you like.

Once it runs, things are much better

This simple process will help your entire Operating System to run more efficiently as well as Domino and other applications running on it.

Get a free 30 day trial and let Defrag.NSF+ help your Domino server environment perform better.

The 30 year old mouse mat

 Still in use daily, apparently like some old OS/2 solutions out there. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Make it easier to spot problems on the Domino console

Defrag.NSF+ V12 Health check will offer you the one-click option to implement a color coded Domino console. This really helps you spot things on the console much easier than the standard Black/Grey that most people seem to run on their Domino console.