Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Domino Storage Optimization - a free utility

Recently we wrote about many of the great automatic optimisation features in Defrag.NSF, check out this link for easy reference.

Now the great news is you can utilise these features, free of charge, today, by operating the software in unlicensed mode. 

The table below compares the features or unlicensed vs licensed:

We live and breathe Domino and are proud to say our product is mature and has been continually developed for over 10 years as we continue to support each new version of Domino with integration that helps our customers get the best from their Domino servers (and also supporting infrastructure).

So nothing is stopping you - request of copy of Defrag.NSF, and enjoy the benefits.

Support for unlicensed versions comes from our Defrag forum, or you can request a trial license or better still, buy a copy to receive full support and unlock all the features from our website

Your support helps us continue our development work on this solution.

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