Thursday, November 20, 2008

SNTT - Moving to ODS48 and getting the benefits

Now that your servers are 8.02 (they are all 8.02 aren't they?) it's a really good time to upgrade the ODS (on disk structure) to ODS48. This gives a number of great benefits including database design compression and database document compression which yielded a 10-17% saving on our data.

To convert to ODS48 you need to:

Add Create_R8_Databases=1 to the Domino server's notes.ini

Then do a compact -c -n -v -f on the database(s)
-n design compression
-v data compression
-f table bitmap off
-c copy style

I have added the -f option due to SPR WTUX7EEL85 which recommends turning document table optimisation off.

Now one problem with this is the compact -C is going to fragment the databases, so you should check the drive after the process and maybe run Defrag.NSF to clean it up.

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