Thursday, November 20, 2008

How fast does fragmentation grow (without Defrag.NSF) ?

So, you decided to defragment your Domino server, that's great! But how long is all that good work (not to mention increased performance and much faster backups) going to last? Over the last month we've conducted some testing on a busy server at one of our larger customers to demonstrate just how quickly a heavily utilised Domino server can deteriorate from a lean machine into a sluggish couch potato without Defrag.NSF running as an integrated server task, maintaining your performance.

Take a look at the results in the chart below.

Starting at Week 1, the Data drive was a complete mess, it was then defragged and Domino was left for the rest of the month to go about it's business. By the third week 50% of the fragmentation had returned, by the fourth week we were up near 70%.

Here lies the difference between Defrag.NSF and all other defragmenting tools. As an integrated Domino server task Defrag.NSF can be scheduled to run alongside other Domino maintenance tasks such as Compact and Fixup, all integrated and configured from within the Defrag.NSF Technical Settings document. In addition, Defrag.NSF can also be configured to pre-allocate contiguous free-space in your database, creating headroom for growth to help prevent scattering data to random sectors of the disk. This helps in delaying the onset of further fragmentation during write operations.

So why spend another day without this great tool on your Domino server? Go to our website, download a trial copy of Defrag.NSF and while you are there check out the “Most Fragmented Domino Server” competition we are running this month. Get your entries in for chance to win a free copy of Defrag.NSF.

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