Thursday, November 20, 2008

Santa - I'd like my Red and Yellow books back!

I really miss Lotus red books and yellow books. The Wiki's are OK, but I'd like to suggest that it is time to end this experiment and get back to what is proven to work.

There is too much in 8.5 to digest from the Web, and some of us learn differently than others.

Maybe if you go to Lotusphere you might want to mention this.


Spanky said...

I like the printed books. Have you ever tried to write a notation in the margin or highlight something important on a web page? Doesn't work.

I miss the Red and Yellow books.


Anonymous said...

Yeah ... I miss them too. Sometimes, you just want to curl up with a good book and not stare at a screen for 3 more hours. The only bad part is when you move, be it cube, office, apartment or house, they really are heavy ... I mean really heavy! And annoying to carry! (OK, I just moved so I know this one too well!)

Keith Brooks said...

I too miss the yellow books. I have most redbooks on CD from previous lotusphere's :-)
The ability to have it OFFLINE is very nice for those times when a computer is not feasible.

Anonymous said...

The yellow books were great. Anyone travelling on public transport will understand. Laptops take longer to fire up than it takes to open a book, and if someone bumps you and you drop the book, well, it's not a ThinkPad.

Bring them back IBM. We'll pay.