Friday, December 1, 2023

New Full-Text Index rebuild functionality

Sometimes Full-Text indexes need to be rebuilt.  They might have been built with the wrong options (e.g. Indexing attachments without filters) or they just might have ‘bloated’ over time and need to go on a diet :)

Up until now, it’s not been possible to schedule a rebuild with options - but that's all changed with our new Full-Text Index rebuild functionality in the Optimizer.

On the Database form in the Optimizer, there is a new option to schedule the rebuild of a Full-Text Index

When you select it to be rebuilt, you then have the option to use the current settings or select new options.

When you set a FTI  to be rebuilt, an icon in the FTI view is set to an alarm clock.

and details of the scheduled rebuild appear in the FTI Rebuilds view

When the time comes, the Optimizer will process the request and rebuild the index. Nice!

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