Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Targeted improvement of Domino indexing and server performance

With our latest release, The Domino Optimizer makes it easy to identify potential issues that can really affect overall server performance when indexing. These issues can normally be difficult to spot but will cause the update task to consume a lot of server resources, we have even seen the task hang and never seem to complete indexing. 

The Optimizer will clearly highlight these potential problems so you can take targeted action by deleting and rebuilding the index using appropriate settings.

Here is an issue with this index that could use attention, a server may have many like this, and usually you would not know, this can cause the update process to use a lot more server resources than necessary, not to mention index storage.

Delete and then recreate the index with the appropriate settings.

Pro Tip: Always use conversion filters.

After having the Full Text Index clearly identified by the Optimizer as a potential issue it has now been rebuilt. This will improve the update and server performance and also save a lot of storage space wherever the indexes are located.

This is just one way the Domino Optimizer makes it easier to get much more from any company's Domino investment.

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