Thursday, December 9, 2021

Domino Optimizer Features in Detail - Part 2

In this series of blog posts we will look at the features of Domino optimizer in more detail (click here for part one).

Domino System Database Maintenance

It is not unusual for Domino servers to host System databases that never seem to get compacted/maintained (you know the ones.... log.nsf, etc) this is usually because it's just a hassle, inconvenient and time-consuming to shut down and manually do it. As a result, these databases are missing out on some much needed maintenance. This neglect means they are often much larger than they need to be, often respond sluggishly when opened, have many GB of wasted disk space trapped inside and take longer to backup. It all adds up, costing time and money. Server performance suffers when maintenance of these critical databases is neglected. With DO.NSF you can easily apply best practice maintenance, getting these back to a manageable size and also give Domino a nice scheduled "Health Restart". DO.NSF makes this as simple as ticking a few boxes, set and forget. If this is scheduled once a week the difference it makes to Domino is quite amazing.

Databases to target for off-line processing

There is a default list of Domino System databases here and by clicking the Drop Down you can enter other databases, for example you may have other directories on the server you want added to the list. (eg, names2.nsf, names3.nsf added as an example below)

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