Friday, March 19, 2021

Perform 16 NSF performance optimizations with one button press.

 Defrag.NSF+ It just gets better.

If you wish to target a single or multiple databases manually for maintenance, you can do this by selecting a database (or multiple db's) in the left most column and then using the “Action → Select for …… and choose Defrag or Optimization (you can also deselect the options). 

This will place a Green tick in the Defrag/DBMT columns for those databases.


If you then click “Run now on selected database(s)", Defrag.NSF+ will perform the following optimizations on the databases flagged:

  1. Purge deletion stubs
  2. Expire soft deleted entries
  3. Enable Document Compression
  4. Enable LZ1 Compression
  5. Enable Design Compression
  6. Ignore Overwrite Freespace
  7. Implement DAOS attachment separation
  8. Pull the views from the database
  9. Update views
  10. Reorganize folders
  11. Merge full-text indexes
  12. Update unread lists
  13. Ensure that critical views are created for failover
  14. Compact the database
  15. Update the ODS if required
  16. Defragment the database

So it is really easy to target a database that needs attention and that's a lot of mileage for a couple of clicks.

Check out more about Defrag.NSF+ at our website and get a free trial


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