Thursday, March 11, 2021

Every Domino admin loves a UI for comprehensive database maintenance

Imagine if DBMT had a comprehensive UI with advanced, integrated scheduling options, an automatic selection criteria based on user configuration, optimisation of the DBMT, all fully integrated with the Domino Administrator client.

Defrag.NSF+ has all this and much. much more, in fact all of the features listed below are Free to use and integrated in Defrag.NSF+ Version 11.

  •     A GUI for DBMT
  •     A daily scheduler for DBMT
  •     Easily optimise DBMT by allowing it to avoid compacting databases without a specified amount of free space
  •     DBMTautomatically skip recently processed databases
  •     DBMT automatically skip databases in a specific directory, for example why continuously process potentially thousands of roaming files on a busy mail server
  •     Automatic enabling of database features like document compression, attachment compression and design compression
  •     Automatic enabling of DAOS on databases that match a template and then move the attachments into the DAOS repository
  •     Automatic enabling of Notes Index separation on databases that match a template or directory path
  •     Maintenance performed on System databases with the tick of a checkbox
  •     Easily scheduled automatic DAOS catalog synchronisation.

This release also includes for Free:

    A Health Check report on your server with recommendations on how to improve performance
    Comprehensive analysis of performance-sapping fragmentation that may exist in your Domino databases

This is just the Free Stuff, our fully licensed version unleashes Defrag.NSF+ including with multiple intelligent defrag options and is fully supported.

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