Sunday, February 21, 2021

Protective Markings for Microsoft Labelling

An organisation using Microsoft labelling may need to send and receive email to external organisations and have that email classified or protectively marked using a different standard than the one provided by Microsoft. Many Australian Federal and State Government departments face this problem today.

Preemptive Consulting’s Protective Markings for Microsoft Labelling is a simple, robust, server side solution that bridges the gap between the capabilities of Microsoft labelling and government-mandated security marking requirements.

Protective Markings for Microsoft Labelling translates Microsoft labels on outgoing email into a corresponding government protective marking. It also adds a Microsoft label to an incoming email that has an existing government marking, ensuring it is classified/labelled correctly when it arrives within the organisation. 

This approach allows Microsoft and government Markings and Labellings schemes to co-exist seamlessly and requires no end-user action to work.

Example of an incoming email marked with a Protective Marking

Example of an outgoing email marked with a Microsoft Label

Protective Markings for Microsoft labelling works with all SMTP based email systems and can be installed on premises or in the cloud. There are no client side requirements.

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