Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Have you just completed the deployment of a Domino 11.0.1 upgrade or planning one soon?

Take the opportunity to run a Defrag.NSF Health Check, You can do this for Free and help ensure you get the best value for your company's Domino investment. The Health Check is also available in DBMT+, it is Free for use and integrated in Defrag.NSF+ Version 11. It offers a significant array of features aimed at simplifying and increasing productivity of many Domino administration activities, as well as improving and maintaining performance of any Windows based Domino Server. This release also includes for free:

  • A Health Check report on your server with recommendations on how to improve performance
  • Comprehensive analysis of performance-sapping fragmentation that may exist in your Domino databases and connected drives as seen by the Operating System.

Here is an abbreviated portion of a Health check we ran after a recent 11.0.1 upgrade. Overall the server was in great shape but the check did bring something to our attention that could easily have been otherwise missed. The upgrade had put Updall in the ServerTasksAt2 line and we didn't want that as DBMT is used on this server (integrated with Defrag.NSF+), luckily the post upgrade Defrag.NSF+ Health Check we ran detected this, pointed this out and offered a one-click removal.

Tip: Adding the notes.ini setting SetupLeaveServerTasks=1 prevents your server task lines from being changed during future setups.

Other useful info provided is the detailed fragmentation state of individual .nsf files and entire drives attached to the server.

You can check out many other cool features detailed in our Version 11 slide presentation ->

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