Monday, April 16, 2018

Domino 10 database maintenance enhancements

IBM has begun to talk up some of the new features coming in Domino 10, and it sounds like some significant changes are coming to Domino and its NSF files.

To quote IBM, they plan to make "Domino more Bullet Proof" with:

"New – Automate NSF/database repair – can be used to easily add new cluster members, add new databases, recovery from media failure or any other loss of content – all automatically.

New – Replica sync-up – provides tooling to reconcile any differences between database replicas automatically and without disrupting on-going usage and replication.

Remove the 64GB limit on NSFs and remove folder limits – folders will be able to hold millions of documents and NSF can be 256GB in size.

New – Full text auto-update on search and resilience – auto/scheduled rebuild, crash prevention… Set of different things: (1) auto-updating will insure that all searches return all content, (2) 

Automatic FT rebuilds will be triggered if Domino detects any integrity issue with an index. (3) Periodic, scheduled FT rebuilds will be made easier in Domino tools and encouraged to help improve performance and stability."

All this while still maintaining Domino’s legendary backwards compatibility – it will be a great effort.

Automatic optimization of Domino was the prime driver in the development of our Domino Database Optimizer. We added features like:

- automatically enabling DAOS for an application that require it
- automatically selecting databases exceeding a specified free space limit for inclusion in the next DBMT run, and excluding those below that limit. This can reduce DBMT runtimes by up to 90%
- automatic scheduling of DBMT through a UI
- auto tuning DBMT based on the last time a database had maintenance
- automatically defragmenting databases that had recently been compacted (We have built Defrag.NSF into DDO)
- automatically enabling Document Compression on databases
- automatically enabling LZ1 compression on databases
- automatically monitoring DAOS Synchronization
- automatically perform Index separation for databases based on a template design
- scheduling system database maintenance via a UI. Configure time-saving online compacting and scheduled/automated server "health/maintenance" restarts.

We are looking forward to Domino 10 to see what else we can add to DDO.

In the meantime, while you wait for Domino 10, why not take a look at what automatic optimizations  are available today with DDO?
Maximize your Domino investment now and into Domino 10.

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