Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Can you make this slower ?

Recently overheard from an Office 365 project manager to a lead Domino Administrator… 

Can you make Domino email slower?  It's too fast, can you throttle it? The users are going to hate how slow Office 365 is.... 

Gold... Pure Gold.

Nothing will stop the juggernaut. 

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Brian Moore said...

I've been in more than one environment where Notes/Domino mail was used as a chat client (even if they had Sametime or something else) because it was so fast.

Additionally, at one company I had to investigate why they received emails from a customer at once, but the customer took hours to get replies. I threw a little trace on it, and it seems they would mail to our Domino server which said "This is an email, I will deliver it now." We would reply, their Exchange server would get it and say "This is an email. Let me put it here in this box and wait a few hours while I decide what to do with it."