Thursday, November 20, 2014

Save administration time and money - It's a case of getting what you pay for!

Despite it's name Defrag.NSF is actually a super efficient and time-saving database maintenance "Control Centre",  that does a heck of a lot more than defragging.

It's integrated with the Domino Admin client, offers centralised scheduling and automation for DBMT, Compacting, Fixups, Health Reports, DAOS enablement (Watch this space for a demo of this great feature) and all fully integrated of course with our revolutionary, purpose built for Domino, defragging engine.

Obviously with this kind of built-in fire-power it helps the admin do a lot more than defragging and save hours of admin time while helping your server deliver it's best performance, even the Backup guy will be asking you "Hey what happened, what did you do, the Domino backups are like 30+% faster than they usually are, I thought we must have been missing a bunch of databases?" (True Story).

Here are some of these features:

- Control how databases are selected for defragging.

- Integrated with DBMT or Compacting, then automatically defrag compacted files for maximum performance and shrink those backup windows

- Schedule DBMT and customise daily settings, followed by automatic defragging after DBMT finishes.

- Controls how DBMT targets databases for processing, this save hours of processing time, stop unnecessary DBIID changes and minimises backup requirements.

- Defrag the freespace on any of the other drives on your server. Need to defrag the "C" Drive? (A Health Check would tell you this), just schedule it here to repeat each Saturday afternoon and go do something else.

- Want to see how your server is doing lately, run a Health Check and get a report for all the NSF files and all Drives on the server.

- Check a Performance Report to see how much better your nsf files will look when your backup software reads them, (Oh Yeah, - Got someone telling you the data is on a SAN so you don't need to defrag? - Show them this, the clock does not lie, your backup software knows this and so does Windows).

Note: Unlike some other products our performance timer actually does real world timing,

- Want to see what was processed each night? You don't need to search log.nsf, Defrag.NSF has it's own dedicated log.

- Want to automatically DAOS enable files using certain templates, do it the easy way, and watch those databases shrink!

- Target specific databases for Compacting or Fixups with options.

That's not even all of what Defrag.NSF can do while you do other things, but you get the picture!

Much more than just a defragging tool. , It's an example of getting what you pay for!

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