Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is Notes 8.51 the World's most modern ICE client ?

Now that the GFC is lifting, a number of organisations I know are undertaking "Modernisation Projects".

This typically involves looking a Windows 7, and more often than not, installing Exchange and Outlook.

But it got me thinking, Is Outlook 2007 really more modern than Notes 8.5.1 ? Is it? I think not. There might be a couple of things it does better, but overall, and above all, it remains an email client. Notes is much, much more.

So "Is Notes 8.51 the World's most modern ICE client" ? If it is, maybe it should be marketed that way.


Лидия Викулова said...

What is GFC & ICE?

NotesTracker - Tony Austin said...

Well, I would say that presumably Adam intends that (whatever it is) ICE is "cool" -- but I'm not sure what in this context "ICE" is meant to be, Lydia!

Adam probably meant one of these... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICE_(disambiguation)

Adam Osborne said...

Hi Guys, ICE stands for Integrated Collaborative Environment - it is all the cool things that Notes is.