Saturday, November 7, 2009

Centrelink finally retires Smartsuite

For the last 15 odd years,Centrelink (the Australian Commonwealth Services Delivery Agency) has been using Lotus Smartsuite. 26,000 copies install across the organisation.

This month they change over to Microsoft Office 2007.

I think the fact that the product has been able to survive this long in the organisation show what an amazing job the software engineers and programmers did when they developed it. The product hasn't changed for ten years, yet the features it offers and the integration it has with Notes are still very advanced. To those developers, I salute you!

When Al Zollar put a sword through Smartsuite's development 10 years ago he canned an awesome product and handed the market to Microsoft for a large number of years.

In Janurary of this year Centrelink deployed Notes 8.02 with the Symphony productivity editors, so I guess Centrelink staff will soon have two World Class office productivity solutions to create documents and develop presentations. Lucky them..

RIP Smartsuite.

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