Thursday, June 20, 2013

Defrag.NSF V3 now with full DBMT integration !!!

We've been working on this release for a while now and it is now time to talk about the great new features we're sure Domino Administrators are going to love.

If you like DBMT you are going to love this - DBMT integration in Defrag.NSF.

Most Domino Administrators love the benefits DBMT brings to Domino 9. Multi-threaded compact, built in UPDALL, automatic shutdown when it's time limit is up. All great stuff. But we have also blogged about two things we don't like about DBMT. The first is that when it  Compacts a database, it fragments data over the disk like a shotgun. The second annoyance, is that it is an archaic pain in the bum to schedule properly.

Well we have solved both of these problems with our NEW DBMT integration feature in Defrag.NSF. Yep we've added:

1. A User Interface Tab to schedule DBMT and a scheduler to support it.

2. Defrag.NSF will now AUTOMATICALLY defragment databases after they have been Compacted or DBMT has run. Just set and forget and it will do the rest !

Both features are going to save you time and money and ensure you're getting the best out of your hardware.

By adding Automatic Defrag after Compact completes, the maintenance becomes seamless, so if compact makes at mess of your disks (and Compact -C ALWAYS does), Defrag.NSF will Automatically fire up and clean up the mess. It is like automatic disk housekeeping.

Other minor features we've added are a new license distribution feature, integrated logging view so you can see all Defrag.NSF activities in one place and we've given the UI a new look.

All in all, we think you'll love this update, it is available free to all our customers. If you don't use Defrag.NSF why not give it a go with our free trial.

During the coming days will do a deep dive of each feature and show you how it works. Stay tuned.

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