Thursday, March 14, 2024

Take control of DBMT compact maintenance

This was a feature we just made even better in our Domino Optimizer.

We have included multiple optimizations to control what databases DBMT compacts that make a dramatic difference to its efficiency and workload:

The first and very powerful setting is the “Only Compact when Freespace exceeds” fields on the Optimization Schedule.

By setting this field a database can only become a candidate for DBMT compacting when the freespace within it exceed the amount specified.

You can also exclude databases from DBMT compacting if estimated freespace recovery is below a configured number of MB. This works together with the percentage setting to help prevent compacting many smaller databases where possibly only a couple of MB or less would be recovered for little benefit. These settings avoid potentially processing hundreds of database where little, or no, freespace can be recovered.

You can also control databases that are excluded from DBMT compact processing by adding them to the “Exclude the following databases from DBMT processing field” or adding the directory to the “Exclude the following directories from DBMT processing field

The end result is significantly less time and resources used “compacting for the sake of compacting” and the benefits from there are substantial, dramatically reducing DBMT processing times, preventing fragmenting those databases during compacting, and preventing unnecessary DBIID changes, which also reduces backup time and space requirements.

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