Thursday, November 16, 2023

Announcing the Full-Text Index Size Management feature in The Domino Optimizer

We want to introduce you to the new Full-Text Index Size Management feature in the Optimizer.

Until now, managing the size of Full-Text Indexes in Domino was more of an art than a science. You had to manually check the size, and there wasn't a straightforward way to monitor its growth. Not anymore! Our latest update introduces an easy and efficient way to view the size of all your server's Full-Text Indexes in one location.

This new view contains a list of all the server databases with a full-text index and their key information. 

The columns are:

Path: The location of the database

DB Logical Size (MB): The size of the database including attachments

Current FTI Size (MB): The size of the database's full-text index folder when The Optimizer last performed a catalogue.

Initial FTI Size (MB): The size of the database's full-text index when The Optimizer first detected it. 

Growth %: The percentage of growth since initial detection.

FTI Creation: The original creation date of the FTI folder.

Growth Limit: When the Growth % exceeds this value, an email alerting the Optimizer's administration is sent.  

Now, in the screenshot above, we can quickly spot potential issues, for example:

1. The FTI for the presentations database is larger than the actual databases. This needs to be investigated.

2. The FTI for the log.nsf has grown by over 47% in the last two weeks. Be alert but not alarmed :)

3. The FTi for aosborne.nsf has been bloating over the last few months. We've set a growth alert limit. When it exceeds 20%, the Optimizer's administrator will be alerted via email. 

4. There is something seriously wrong with the FTI for cadmin.nsf database. This needs to be investigated. 

What will the Indexed view show you about your servers?

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Mark Reiser said...

Look great, thank you Adam!
Greetings Mark Reiser