Saturday, December 11, 2021

How to Master DAOS

Domino Optimizer Features in Detail - Part 4

If you have a DAOS enabled server, occasionally mail files or other attachment rich databases like Document Libraries can slip through the cracks and miss being enabled for DAOS participation. DO.NSF can be configured to automatically DAOS enable those databases and move the attachments into DAOS, it will also automatically pick up any new databases created in the future without the administrator having to think about it, or chase it up later. DO.NSF makes this easier, automating and improving Domino performance, I/O and backups.

Tick the box to “DAOS enable all databases using the following templates” and enter the template name, you can enter multiple template names, mail templates, etc. If there are databases based on this template type that you don’t want DAOS’d enter the name(s) in the “Never DAOSify the following databases” field.

When the automatic maintenance schedule runs, DO.NSF will enable DAOS participation in the targeted databases and the attachments will be moved out of the databases and into the DAOS store as part of the automated maintenance.



LZ1 Compression and Data Compression have also been enabled for the databases.

The databases have also been automatically compacted and (optionally) defragged as part of the workflow.

If you enable the “Automatically monitor DAOS synchronization” box DO.NSF will automatically monitor the synchronization state of the DAOS catalog and as needed a DAOS resync operation can be automatically performed to re-count all the references to NLO files. If required DO.NSF, will initiate a resyc of the DAOS catalog at 12:15AM. If a resync is not required the operation detects that there is no work to do, and will exit immediately.

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