Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Domino Storage Optimization - Let's make it automatic

Recently Daniel posted an excellent blog encouraging people to use Domino's storage Optimization features

Now here is some good news, over the years we've built all these options into Defrag.NSF+, and they are just a click away from implementation:

Let's look at some of the big ticket items:

1. Design, Data and attachment compression with a tick of a box - Tick

2. DAOS enablement - Tick

3. NIFNSF - Tick

4. DBMT - set, schedule and forget -Tick 

5. DBMT - Scheduler - Tick

Now all settings are applied to existing AND to new databases created.

The Defrag Health Check will also remind you about moving your FTI's to another drive!

It's all there, plus lots more.

Domino Rocks - Let's go! - get your free trial of Defrag.NSF+ today 

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