Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Announcing Defrag.NSF+ Version 12

It's finally here! Defrag.NSF+ Version 12 - now fully optimised for integration with Domino 12.

Here's are some key features we think you will really like:

- Comprehensively revised for Domino 12. 

- New "Then Backup with options" setting on Defrag's scheduler for each day to call Domino 12's new backup feature:

- Added StdR11Mail and StdR12Mail to the template selections options

- Added Color Coded Console check to the Health Check

- Checks for Create_R12_databases on an R12 server

- Health check SetupLeaveServerTasks suggestion 

- Added Domino Backup Timeout to the Technical Settings document

- Added an option to launch the Domino Console from Defrag's main navigator

All these features are on top of the pre-existing features our customers have come to love and enjoy using.

For more information please review our website at https://www.preemptive.com.au/defrag


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