Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Nomad for Web: invalid Cors origin bug on Windows

I've been working on implementing Nomad for Web, and hit an issue where Nomad presents a "Setup Error" when it loads in the browser.

Looking at the SafeLinx logs I see 

4888: 2020 (Jun 08 2021/11:18:02.4850)[WARN]  Nomad: invalid CORS origin ''

4888: 2020 (Jun 08 2021/11:18:02.4850)[HTTPAS]httpServerResponse: HTML pkt size: 560

HTTP/1.1 403 Permission Denied


The good news is HCL is on to it, and will hopefully have a update that fixes the problem soon. 

I will update this post when that happens.

Hopefully this information save you some time if you hit the same problem.


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