Monday, March 1, 2021

System Drive Maintenance for Domino Servers

How to quickly configure System (C:\) drive maintenance for your Domino server. 

Everything running on NTFS runs better when the System drive is in top shape, including the Domino Server application, and yes, the resulting reduction in Server I/O improves performance even if storage is Solid State. 

You can perform the following even when Domino is up and running (no noticeable impact on the server or users), due to the unique manner in which Defrag.NSF+ utilises our custom built defragging engines.

Here is an example:

A Defrag.NSF Health Report shows the System (C:\) drive could use a little TLC (36000+ fragments)

Simply set a schedule for any time you like.

Once it runs, things are much better

This simple process will help your entire Operating System to run more efficiently as well as Domino and other applications running on it.

Get a free 30 day trial and let Defrag.NSF+ help your Domino server environment perform better.

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