Thursday, September 24, 2020

DBMT+ is here and it is free!

DBMT+ is here and it is free! 

DBMT+ is a FREE, integrated component of Defrag.NSF+ It is available to everyone running Domino on Windows at no charge, and it offers significant features that help increase the productivity of any ANY Domino administrator and any Windows based Domino Server.

It includes:
  • A GUI for DBMT
  • A daily scheduler for DBMT
  • Optimises DBMT by allowing it to avoid compacting databases without a specified amount of free space
  • Allows DBMT to skip recently processed databases
  • Allows DBMT to skip databases in a specific directory, for example why continuously process potentially thousands of roaming files on a busy mail server
  • Automatically enable database features like document compression, attachment compression and design compression
  • Automatically enable DAOS on databases that match a template and then move the attachments into the DAOS repository
  • Automatically enable Notes Index separation on databases that match a template or directory path
  • Performs maintenance on System databases with the tick of a checkbox
  • Easily schedule automatic DAOS synchronisation.

DBMT+ is free for use and integrated in Defrag.NSF+ Version 11. This release also includes for free:
  • A Health Check report on your server with recommendations on how to improve performance
  • Comprehensive analysis of performance-sapping fragmentation that may exist in your Domino databases

 Register for a download now at

Note: Runs on Windows only, 32/64bit, Domino 9+

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