Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Another customer sees the benefits of our DBMT+ integration

We just had a customer set up DAOS on a new Domino app server build and use the integrated DBMT+ integrated features including DAOS and ODS upgrade on a couple of attachment rich databases, the results were worth documenting.

First, the databases in question were targeted for DAOS using their template, one of these databases was currently almost 40 GB in size

At 2:30am the maintenance set in the schedule kicks off

By 3:00am the attachments were moved into DAOS and the savings were in the bank, database size was reduced from 38GB down to about 195MB. The ODS was also upgraded to 53 at the same time.

That was too easy, tick a box and enter a template name. Done.

Like to check out what else it can do ? Click here.


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