Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Imagine if DBMT had......

Imagine if DBMT had a comprehensive UI with advanced, integrated scheduling options, an automatic selection criteria based on user configuration, optimisation of the DBMT, all fully integrated with the Domino Administrator client, including:

- Scheduled/Automated DBMT compact operations with selection for processing based on a configurable freespace amount/day of the week criteria. (No need to schedule any other compacts).
- Auto enable DAOS participation, document compression, design compression and LZ1 compression on targeted databases. (configure to include or exclude)
- On-Demand detailed Fragmentation Health/Free-Space, Key Metrics Analysis and configuration report generation for all drives attached to the server.
- Automated System Database maintenance -> scheduled compacting, defragging* and Domino server restart. (*requires Defrag.NSF+ License)

Well imagine no longer,  DBMT+ includes all the above FREE and can be upgraded at any time to include Defrag.NSF+ functionality by installing a license.

Coming soon.

Check it out.

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