Thursday, December 1, 2016

New product - The Domino Database Optimizer – DDO.

We are delighted to announce the general availability of our new product - The Domino Database Optimizer – DDO.

The DDO combines the power of DBMT, with the intelligence of an inbuilt configuration tuner while also integrating everything we’ve learned developing Defrag.NSF. We’ve wrapped it in a single application, with a super easy to use user interface and scheduler.

It is designed to work on all types of storage systems from direct attached, SSD, NSA, SAN or virtual. No matter what storage type you have, it will help you minimize your Domino Servers’ I/O.

With DDO you can:

  • Schedule DBMT with a super easy to use UI
  • Automatically enable advanced database properties like design and attachment compression. If settings ‘drift’ from your set standard they are automatically reset back to conform with what is required.
  • Automatically have databases ‘DAOSified’ based on their design template. Just set and forget. Databases that require DAOSification are individually identified and targeted.
  • DDO intelligently selects the databases requiring DBMT operations based on their last compact date and the freespace they contain – no more spending time ‘Compacting for the sake of Compacting’
  • Schedule database optimization of system databases with the click of a radio button – this easily reduces the size of databases like log.nsf and mailjrn.nsf. Smaller databases open faster and require less time to backup.
  • Automatically defragment databases that require it, further reducing backup times while increasing overall system throughput – we built Defrag.NSF into DDO.
DDO is everything you need to maintain your Domino Databases and keep them in tip-top shape. Just ‘Set and Forget’ and let it do the work for you. Your servers will be more responsive, your backups faster.
For more information please check out our website at and while you are there request a free 30 day trial.

System requirements:

Domino 9.01+
Windows Operating System

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