Monday, May 16, 2016

The Domino Database Optimizer. Our new product is on its way - Preliminary testing on SSD

Our new product is undergoing preliminary testing in our lab and is showing some great performance gains even with Domino attached to the latest SSD storage technology. We are using lightning-fast SSD storage here and seeing these results.

It's further proof that even though a super-fast storage/back end will help it is not a complete performance solution and in fact true optimal performance results from acknowledging and tuning each individual component of a system. To not apply that basic principal is akin to bolting a TurboCharger onto an engine with a clogged Air Filter, you will gain some power but will still leave plenty on the table untapped.

In this test case there is a dramatic I/O reduction during non-cached operations against the same database and after optimization the task also completes in roughly half the time.

I/O Before Domino Database Optimization

I/O After Domino Database Optimization

Result: Less I/O, less stress on the I/O subsystem, this translates directly to improved performance and resource availability for every task Domino performs.

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