Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Do you have more than 7,792,058 fragments on your data volume?

A few years back we ran a 'Most Fragmented' competition and found a Domino Server that had 7,792,058 fragments on it's data volume !!! Can you imagine what that was doing to performance and backup times ?

Anyway, we'd like to do it again and see if there's anyone else out there we can help get their Server into shape.

Here's what we'd love you to try:

- Download a copy of a free Defrag Analyse product from here

- Install it and run a Health Check as per the included instructions.

- Send us a screen shot of your analysis to

All entries will go into a draw, with the winner and two other random entries receiving a free copy of Defrag.NSF to get their servers back in shape.

The draw will be 9:00am 5th December 2014, AEDT

Remember don't be like this guy, find out what you don't know !!

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