Thursday, December 5, 2013

IBM Santa, may we please have Project Hawthorn for Christmas ?

Zero news on this potentially game changing feature since it was announce three months back. I really hope IBM ships it at Connect-o-sphere.

This year we've seem more customers move over to Exchange. Many have been trying for 2+ years. Four of the bigger sites have become complete train wrecks, typical of this type of de-collaboration project. I've never actually seen one workout as per the script.

If Hawthorn was available I believe it would of been near impossible for the Exchange jihadist  to get the traction they have.

IBM it's time to sing the praises of what you can do and ship it.... please.

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Robb said...

Did you ever get anywhere with getting access to this? I am in a similar situation and can't fathom what IBM are thinking - if I were them I'd get this fast-tracked NOW.