Monday, November 19, 2012

What are the "Best Practice" steps to take when a Traveler user leaves an organisation?

So when someone with access to Traveler leaves an organisation with very short notice, what are the correct steps to take?

Lets's say for example a CIO who is on-the-spot fired or quits and leaves with no warning, for whatever reason. This person used Traveler and has some email on their iPhone that the Organisation prefers they didn't have. Obviously you can add this person to a "Deny Access" group in the Domino Directory ASAP and prevent them from accessing the servers, including Traveler, BUT, how do you allow for an Application "Wipe" command to sync and complete, thereby removing the application data from the device, while still preventing overall access to the servers?

Anyone else come up against ?


Pat Sawyer said...

I was in the same boat. I ended up opening a PMR to try and find the recommended way from IBM. The answer I received is that traveler is not a full MDM solution and I should look at an MDM solution to get that functionality.

IBM should give some limited entitlement to IBM endpoint manager.

Adam Osborne said...

Thanks Pat, an interesting response from IBM and a bit of a conundrum for us Domino Administrators.

Unknown said...

This is true. Traveler is Free and as such a good offering. Just don't expect to much. Limited wipe capabilities is available for the iPhone if i remember correctly.
When sonene quits grab their phone and wipe it then and there.
Remember that there may be other sensitive data on the phone in dokuments, pictures and tailored mobile applications. Often email wipe is mot enough.