Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What actually makes Defrag.NSF different from other Defraggers ?

Often we are asked "What actually makes Defrag.NSF different from the other defragmentation programs out there, or even the Windows defrag utility?"

There is actually a big difference between Defrag.NSF and the common Windows defrag program. We have designed the Defrag.NSF defrag engines from the ground up to handle the very unique/specific and demanding range of characteristics found when dealing with fragmentation on a Domino server.  Some quick points would include the following (and there are many more):

  • Available freespace is likely to be highly fragmented, in this environment the Windows defrag program is extremely inefficient, slow and resource intensive. (eg. running the Windows defrag program while the Domino server is up is NOT recommended). 
  • It is not unusual on a Domino server to encounter highly fragmented, multi Gig files (30+GB), as a rule files of that size are quite uncommon outside of Domino. Defrag.NSF is designed to handle these. The Windows defrag program is extremely slow and inefficient at dealing with these files. 
  • It is difficult to defrag files that are constantly changing, again the Defrag.NSF defrag engines have been designed to handle large and changing files efficiently and intelligently with no noticeable impact on the Server while it is running. 
  • With Defrag.NSF you have the ability to maintain the server by setting a daily schedule to target only the .nsf files that are actually fragmented, based on your configuration settings, without going for a full defrag of the entire volume. 

And then there's also the following significant advantages.

  • Easy to install, it's a Notes database! (Nothing to download! Nothing to edit! - and it's fully supported!)
  • A highly specialized, built for Domino, defragmentation engine that can defrag multi-gigabyte databases in seconds.
  • The ability to defrag databases where there is very little freespace.
  • A new multi-stage defragmentation process that automatically switches between "file" and "volume" level defragmentation when required.
  • Freespace consolidation.
  • Integration into the Defrag.NSF Enterprise Console (available on request) for widespread 1-click deployment, mail-in reporting and upgrade automation.
  • 1-click generation of Freespace reports showing the largest contiguous Freespace area on all your drives.
  • Enhanced integrated scheduling options.
  • Analysing existing database fragmentation
  • Automatic tagging of databases for defragmentation.
  • The integrated ability to perform Fixup and Compact operations prior to defragmentation.
  • The ability to analyse free space and add free space into a database to help reduce future fragmentation.
  • Perform all the above tasks from the familiar Domino Administrator Client user interface.

Would you like MORE performance from of your organisation's Notes/Domino and Hardware investments?

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