Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to - Use the Cluster Analysis tool to run a Cluster Analysis and spot problems

Sometimes we forget there are some very handy tools right there in the Administrator client, tools that we should use regularly to help spot potential issues and give us a chance to take action before they become real problems. 

If you have Clustered servers, run the Cluster Analysis Tool. If you've never run it or it's been a long time since you did run it, there's a very good chance you will spot some problems ranging from databases with no replicas (that you want to have replicas of) to replicas with wildly differing ACL settings that may prevent users from accessing them or getting a consistent experience when they do.

To run the tool.

- Start the Admin Client.

- Enable Full Access Administration (So you don't get a bunch of errors in the report when the tool attempts to check the ACL's)

- Go to the Server -> Analysis tabs Open the Tools -> Analyze twisties and select Cluster

When the tool opens make your selections for the tests you wish to run and have reported. If an analysis database already exist you can append the new report to it or choose to overwrite it. The following settings will provide some good info.

We chose the radio button to overwrite the existing database. Click Yes.

A progress message appears. For a very large and busy server this can take hours, it will depend on the environment.

When the report opens you will quickly be able to see By Test how the results came up, more than likely you will see items that require attention, whether that be creating new replicas that have been missed somehow or ACL configurations that needs adjustment. Do what you need to do and re-run the tool.

Running the tool this way on a regular basis can really help keep your clustered environment running smoothly.

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