Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Defrag.NSF features - Part 6

In this instalment we will take a look at the various integrated scheduling options available.

Technical Settings (Processing Schedule Tab)

Use the settings on this tab to schedule the desired running times for defrag.NSF on this server. There are also options available to configure the defragging of transaction logs (.txn), DAOS files (.nlo) and Full Text Indexes (.ft) for this server and the option to enable the “Multi-stage” defragging Mode.

Enabling the “Multi-stage” Mode will allow Defrag.NSF to use it's multiple defragging engines to seamlessly toggle between file level and volume level defrag methods as required when dealing with difficult files. Using this feature allows Defrag.NSF to deal with insufficient freespace issues intelligently and on the-fly. When confronted with a file larger than the largest available freespace
chunk, Defrag.NSF will auto-toggle over to a full Volume Freespace Consolidation and proceed in that mode until the required amount of contiguous free-space has been assembled to allow effective defragging of the file in question.

Technical Settings (Shutdown Schedule Tab)
Use the settings on this tab to configure a defined shutdown time for Defrag.NSF. Most environments would not need to configure a Defrag.NSF shutdown time and can leave the default settings (disabled). In some circumstances configuring a shutdown time may be desirable if you notice Defrag.NSF running for extended periods on many large databases and would like to ensure that defragging does not continue to run during peak or high load times on the server.

Technical Settings (Freespace Defragmentation Tab)
Use the settings on this tab to configure the defragmentation of free-space on the nominated drive, this will correct the issue where large files cannot be effectively defragmented due to insufficient contiguous free-space on the drive. There is also an option to run this as a one-off maintenance process or as an ongoing and repeating maintenance process on the configured day(s).

Well that's it for the Tour, if you have followed this Guided Tour series of posts you will see that Defrag.NSF is actually much more than just a simple Defrag tool and offers the Domino administrator a very integrated one stop solution with a lot of features for obtaining the best performance from Domino databases and also the other drives and files on the system.

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Graham Stanford said...

Hi, I have been following this series and I would just like to say how impressed we are with the product. We are currently running our trial and have already picked up a couple of good pointers from your postings. While reviewing possible solutions, it became obvious to us that a number of your product's features were obviously being copied by a free product, but quite crudely implemented there in comparison. We develop software ourselves and even though free is nice, we'll probably go for your solution, as aside from the seamless feel and functionality, it is also more appealing to our moral compass. :)

Anyway, keep up the great work on the product and keep the great tips coming.