Thursday, November 10, 2011

Defragging FT indexes - part 2

This is a follow on blog entry from yesterday's post and in it we wanted to show you how fast FT indexes fragment.

Here is a fulltext index for a user's mail file currently contains 4 un-indexed documents and is set for hourly indexing. In this case the Chronos task will update this index during it's next hourly run. For databases set for "Immediate" updating the results we see here are even more applicable.

Here we see on the console the same full text index has been freshly defragged by Defrag.NSF, it consists of one fragment, but as yet has not been updated by Chronos during the hourly run.

Then Chronos runs on it's hourly interval and updates the indexes as required, as mentioned this will include our user's fti.

Now checking a fragmented files list we can seethe indexing update has nicely fragmented bchapman.ft and now it shows up in the list in the highlighted Yellow section. The first column is the number of fragments.

Now checking the index properties, already we see 2 unindexed documents in the mail file as the user works and mail is delivered. The index will again be marked for updating and Chronos will update it during it's next hourly run, so now the cycle repeats itself.

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