Friday, October 28, 2011

Strange things with recent contacts and 8.5.3

We've upgraded a few client machine's now and hit a couple of issues we have yet to sort out:

These issues can occur on a machine:

1. All recent contacts just 'disappear'
2. Type ahead just doesn't work any more
3. Contacts that have been deleted, magically re-appear

So if you are in the process of upgrading, watch out. If we work out what is going on, I'll put the information here.


Keith Brooks said...

Traveler or BES contacts sync issue is my bet.
you can also check for pnab template getting miss updated by a different template, usually because someone earlier did something they should not have done.
But failing all of this, like to know what you find so let us know.

Anonymous said...

This is also happening in 8.5.2. On windows XP or OS7.

Our top management is on the process of changing laptop. From XP -> Window 7 32 bit. I had the same lotus notes client installed 8.5.2

So I copied from previous laptop lotus 8.5.2 RECENT CONTACTS and paste them over to the new Laptop on the names.nsf RECENT CONTACTS. Guess what just like your RECENT CONTACTS disappear and this can be reproduce.

To reproduce, delete RECENT CONTACTS, and the dip table buried somewhere on your workspace path.

Then copy and paste the RECENT CONTACTS from old names.nsf to the new names.nsf. Then send mail to any email address. Now go back to your RECENT CONTACTS and then all are all gone. I am trying to figure out what task is doing this.

Maybe you can help.