Friday, September 10, 2010

What's new in Defrag.NSF Version 2 ?

Centralised Configuration - Technical Settings:
While the Technical Settings document is not a new feature, Domino Administrators will love the easy access to the new features and the easy configuration options available using the Technical Settings document.

The General Settings tab - new feature:
Mail-in address for Defrag alerts, this is where the Domino admin can nominate a central mail-in database to receive Defrag reports. This feature will provide enhanced visibility for those Domino administrators who have deployed Defrag.NSF throughout a large environment, sometimes 100's of servers, and need to easily have an overview of any existing issues on the servers that may otherwise be overlooked.

Processing Schedule tab - new feature:
On this tab the administrator has always been able to set a suitable schedule to best suit the environment, now there are options to also include your Transaction Log files (.txn) and DAOS files (.nlo) in your defrag schedule.

Freespace Defragmentation tab - new feature:
Use the settings on this tab to schedule the defragmentation of free-space on the nominated drive, this will correct the issue where large files cannot be effectively defragmented due to insufficient contiguous free-space on the drive. There is also an option to run this as a one-off maintenance process or as an ongoing and repeating maintenance process on the configured day(s). Why would you want to defrag freespace? If you don't know the answer to this question, Read our blog on this subject here

Freespace Reports - new feature:
Reports can be generated to provide valuable and detailed information about the amount of freespace for each volume, the size of the largest available freespace chunk, the total number of freespace fragments and an overall volume health indicator based on the usable state (or otherwise!) of the freespace:
Here's an example of a Freespace Report:

As we just saw above, you can defrag the freespace on selected drive via a schedule or, here you can choose to defrag the freespace manually with the "Defrag Freespace" button:

Version 2 is due for release very soon, but why wait any longer? Upgrading from the current version to the new version is just a design replacement.

So go to our website and register NOW for the current version of Defrag.NSF, and start using it, to stop fragmentation creating unnecessary I/O and burdening your Domino servers, slowing your backups, slowing response times and everything else your server needs to be doing instead of waiting at a Red Light because the Operating System thinks your .nsf files, .nlo file and txn files are fragmented.

Get Defrag.NSF here

All existing customers will receive free upgrades to Version 2.

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