Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Lotus Knows to Australia

Apparently the Lotus Knows campaign running in America is doing wonders for Lotus in the USA. We're also told there is going to be a World Wide roll out and Germany is next. But who is next after that ?

To help push ANZ up the list, what I'd like to suggest is that any Business partner or Customer in Australia takes 5 minutes and writes an email to "Glen Boreham" the Managing Director of IBM Australia and New Zealand and asks in the nicest possible way that he requests Lotus Knows and supports this as a local campaign.

The IBM website tells me that Mr Boreham's email address is

Asking can't hurt, just make sure you do it in a nice and pleasant way.

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grumpy_coder said...


Given how long this process takes with IBM, (think of Tectonic plate movements as being faster than IBM), i dont have any "nice and pleasant" left in me.

Why does everything have to happen in such a linear fashion ? Each region would need to run the same campaign slightly differently to allow for localisation of the market. There is alot of content available to draw from and localisation shouldn't be too hard ?

I may be waaaaay out there in the idea's department, but why can't all the regions start their preparations anyway, then execute with what ever over-sight is required.

Assuming this does not bear any more risk than the "glacial" approach, surely this would be faster ?

See, even when I am trying to be nice, I still manage to have "back-handers" in it....PR was never my thing..I don't have time anyway.. I'm preparing for my MS exams.