Friday, February 26, 2010

Centrelink's new website - built on Domino, very nice

Centrelink is a huge Australian government department that has been using Domino for their Website for years. They recently gave the site a facelift. Check it out.

It is most likely the highest profile, most widely hit, Domino website in Australia.

Nice work.


Palmi said...

its nice but its not build in Domino but domino hosts the HTML ,images / CSS files

Adam Osborne said...

My understanding is that the content management component of this is in Domino. I might be wrong.

Erik Brooks said...

Nope, it's definitely Domino.

Lots of .nsf links, ?OpenDocument URLs, though the HTML/CSS does seem to be stored as pages or file resources in Domino. But there's quite a bunch of ?OpenDocument links.