Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lotus results are down 5% in the 04 Qtr 2009

All the info is at

Lotus knows we need Lotus knows World-wide sooner than later

The results speak for themselves:

0408 - Flat

0109 - Lotus down 12%

0209 - Lotus down 2%

0309 - Lotus down 9%

0409 - Lotus down 5%


grumpy_coder said...


Lotus' announced a phat number at the OGS, (the 18K new lotus customers).

But it doesn't really paint the big picture, which would be how many have also left the Lotus brand, and what would be the total licensed seats.... sigh! But those numbers say alot to...

Henning Heinz said...

Of course you could subtract not renewed passport licenses but this does not always mean that those have given up on Notes and Domino. Some days ago I saw a report on TV where a screen was showing a Notes 5 client. How old is this (and still in use as it seems)? IBM could announce the Lotus Notes and Domino revenues but they don't do this (so the numbers include Portal, Connections, QuickR, Protector aso). They could also publish the total number of accounts on passport advatantage but maybe it is better not to do so. Maybe it makes more sense to check how Notes and Domino run in your company (if you are employed) or what your customers do (if you run your own business). What are the alternatives and how do those perform. If you think you are still competitive then it is not so important how IBM sells.

Erik Brooks said...

Also keep in mind that with the licensing model change (and free Designer) it's possible that some customers were deferring renewal until the new model went into effect (Q1 2010 if I recall).

Nathan T. Freeman said...

Ummmmm.... global recession for the entire year of 2009? The relevant comparison isn't to last year, but to the quarter-by-quarter reports of software competitors. And markets in general. If you find anyone who's UP on these figures, you're looking at Enron. Or a company in significant acquisition mode.

Adam Osborne said...

Nice observation Nathan, my initial response would be that many sectors of IBM Software had growth during this period (as did IBM). Lotus had its best release ever.... In my market, lack of mindshare did the most damage. Zero marketing hurt. Local Lotus resources did a fantastic job (they are amazing) , but they needed air cover and it didn't come.

Only Lotus knows can fix that.