Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smart upgrade run as does not work for the 8.5 -> 8.5.1 Multi User client

After a week of trying, we can confirm that SURUNAS does not work when you attempt to upgrade from 8.5 to 8.51 Multiuser.

You get multiple error messages and it appears the only work-around is to give users Local Administrator access prior to performing a normal Smart Upgrade. Power user access is not enough, it must be Local Administrator access. This can be done with a Group Policy Object in AD.

Please note that this information relates to attempting to upgrade a 8.5 multi-user client to 8.5.1 multi-user. If you have different clients your milage will vary.


Thomas Adrian said...

I wonder if IBM is aware of this

Thomas Adrian said...

Jeff Mitchell said...

Yes, IBM is aware of the issue. It is caused by a change to the installer in 8.5 that exposed some "less than ideal" code in SmartUpgrade. The issue has been fixed in 8.5.1 but that's no help if you are still at 8.5 and want to upgrade. We are working on a technote but in the short term you've worked out the solution to the problem yourselves, write access to nnotes.dll or adding user's to the Power Users group.

Adam Osborne said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply. Power user is still not enough, you need full local admin rights to install the multi-user client. We also tried giving rights to the nnotes.dll and that worked to a point. But we were then confronted with a message "Warning 2343.Specified path is empty." (with an OK button)

After clicking OK the install appeared to complete with a "Lotus Notes was successfully upgraded" type message but Notes failed to restart (As configured in the Smart Upgrade Kit document).

After clicking the Notes desktop shortcut, it was found that there was no longer an install of Notes on the machine.

Dan said...


I'm trying to upgrade from 8.0.2 to 8.5.1 and am getting the same results with the 2343 error and notes no longer being installed.

Did you ever get a resolution to this matter?


Adam Osborne said...


You need full admin rights to get this thing to work.

Dave said...

Not sure if this is worth anything, but I have found that after you get the Warning 2343 error message and you run the SURunAs.exe again from the the 8.5.1 install directory where it resides, the upgrade will complete. This is without making the user a local admin or using any admin account on the domain. Just executing the SURunAs.exe a second time seems to work. Then running the smartupgrade again for FP3 from the tools menu in Lotus completes the upgrade. It's not ideal but it works better then doing it manually.