Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anybody ever got Smart Upgrade Run As Utility to work.

We have been trying for a while to get this utility to work so that non-power users can upgrade their client but it appears to be broken.

It seems like a lot of people are having problems . We are at a point now that we are convinced it does not work. We can only get as far as:

Has anyone out there ever got this too work ?

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Romel Jacinto said...

I've upgraded around 175 clients using Smart Upgrade.

There were a few minor issues to get it working smoothly, but I did not see the same error that you have reported.

I'm assuming that you've read Lotus Technote 1306212, "Tips and tricks for troubleshooting Smart Upgrade issues".

Unknown said...

We have been able to get it to work. We use it for all client upgrades.(about 1299 users)

it did take some tweaking and testing but we have gone from 8.0.1 - 8.0.2 and soon to 8.5.1

the only issue we run into when a remote user who has never joined domain tries to run it.

Thomas Adrian said...

I got the same problem and I do not know what to do Next. please help

Adam Osborne said...


Thomas if we get it to work I'll let you know.

Romel and A, what switches did you use on the package ?

The bottom line is we can't get it to work for 1 user in a test domain.

Kind regards


Unknown said...


setup switches none in the full client packages. The setup switches are in the setup.ini.

I use the /allusers=1 for the fix packs.

Wrt to this specific error, check a few things:
1) If you are running as a limited user make sure you have modify rights to the notes directory and its children.

2) also sometimes this error will occur when the ntmulti.exe, soffice.exe or some other notes task hasn't been shut completely by the smartupgrade client. when it is in this state check the task manager for the usual suspects. Then click "ok" to retry and it should work. I saw this a lot going from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2.

I use the following setup when I build packages:
1) Expand the default install to directory (i.e. c:\802_en_install
2) build the package on this directory.
3) Save the completed package without surunas to another directory(i.e. c:\802_en_install_mst). Test the install using this "exploded package" verifying that the install runs properly. Customize the install.xml and plugin_customization.ini here.
4) Run the surunas wizard and put the final into another dir (i.e. 8.0.2_en_install_single)
5) now test this package out, first without smartuprade to verify that the surunas works properly.
6) now you can build the smartupgrade document.

Thomas Adrian said...

is there a way to include other .dic files with smart upgrade?

I am upgrading users from 7.x to 8.5.1

Steve Dickson said...

Is there a chance you have some sort of Add-In installed, which is keeping the file open? Perhaps some odbc link to db2, etc.?

Thomas Adrian said...

I will do some more testing at a customer next week, please keep the discussion alive until then.


Anonymous said...

We managed to get past the "cannot access nnotes.dll" error by allowing Domain Users the "modify" permission to that file in Active Directory, Domain Policy. (Sort of defeats the purpose of SURunas)

The Smart Upgrade install would then progress past that point and seemed OK until the next error dialog which was:

"Warning 2343.Specified path is empty." (with an OK button)

After clicking OK the install appeared to complete with a "Lotus Notes was successfully upgraded" type message but Notes failed to restart (As configured in the Smart Upgrade Kit document).

After clicking the Notes desktop shortcut, it was found that there was no longer an install of Notes on the machine. Scary stuff!

Romel Jacinto said...


I used the following switches in the SURunas Wizard.

/s /v"ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS=Lotus_Notes_8.5.1_C.mst /le+ c:\temp\notes_8.5.1_install.log /qb!"

Have you tried using local admin credentials in the SURunas wizard rather than domain admin credentials?

JP Liggett PCLP CISSP said...

SuRunAs relies on the credentials in order to work properly.

YOu can use it with a group of files or with the package exe files.

creds are usually the heart of the issue. Domain membership is essential. the creds used to for SRA must be accessible on the target machine. if the target machine is not in the domain, or does not allow domain admin access, then sra will fail.

My personal tip is to create a domain admin account called "ND851Install" its only job is to support sra. when the deployment is complete, you can remove the account.

sra must use creds that are in the domain admin group. The desktops must allow domain admin access to the local admin group, which is usually already enabled. If your domain folks complain, they can deploy the client themselves.

Thomas Adrian said...

I noticed that if I run the file surunas.exe directly from the file share with Notes client closed it works. but not when using the smart upgrade feature.

also check here

LED Signs said...

There are errors that take place when the ntmulti.exe, soffice.exe or a few other notes task hasn't been closed entirely by the smartup grade shopper. As soon as it is in this state, ensure the task manager for the usual suspect.

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