Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nobody knows - why there is no Lotus 'air cover' in Australia

I have just returned from visiting sites in Victoria, Australia. This state has some of the largest Notes Domino customers in the country, and every single customer raised the same concern - lack of marketing and mind share was making life tough.

This has been raised time and time and time again. But still nothing. Yet nobody knows why.

8.5.1 is absolutely awesome. By any definition it must be the most advanced and modern ICE client in the market, Outlook is a toy in comparison, yet without the mindshare people will move away.

IBM we need your help now, air cover is pointless once the troops are dead.


Keith Brooks said...


Far be it from me to tell you or any other BP what to do, but this is what we are doing(eventually, takes time and money though):
3 step approach to new/old customers using email, postcards and mailings.
Proof of technology is always helpful
Videos will be coming
We are looking at alternative advertising routes from radio/tv to corporate caterers.
We have also expanded our online advertising with the Lotus knows tags and look but we can't afford the breadth of IBM on it.

Waiting for IBM isn't a good plan. There is enough available for you to do what you need.

IBM may be doing air cover in the US but it does not affect my market at all and not likely to since we are in Florida. Yes there are magazine ads and online ads but they are not directed to us per se just IBM.

grumpy_coder said...

@Keith. Just send the "Lotus Knows" bus over to Australia...

Anonymous said...

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