Monday, February 16, 2009

If you like DAOS, you'll love The Preemptive Email Vault

DAOS brings about fantastic disk savings by storing attachments once on a Domino server. IBM uses a digital signature of an attachment and writes attachments to a file system. The Preemptive Email Vault works exactly the same way.

However, since we have had this fantastic feature for over four years, we have slightly different requirements and additional features:

  • The Preemptive Email Vault does not require Domino 8.5 and its new ODS.
  • We only ever stores a SINGLE copy of the attachment for all the servers in the Domain. This takes storage savings to another level. There is only one copy of an attachment irrespective of the number of servers in your Domain.
  • It allows Administrators to thumbnail images (this makes it very easy to track down inappropriate material) See demo click here
  • Attachments are stored in their native format and can be indexed and referenced accordingly.
  • We provide a drag/drop search feature to find out who sent an attachment and to where. This single feature could save your organisation a fortune in a search and discovery exercise.
  • We provide a generic SQL interface so administrators can develop queries and reports to mine this valuable information.

Additionally the Preemptive Email Vault stores your email in a timeless and easy to access way. It helps with compliance issues and allows customers to remove quotas and let their staff get on with the business they are running. 

If you'd like to know more about The Preemptive Email Vault, check out our website at


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Yeah, but DAOS is free ... :-)