Thursday, September 18, 2008

Defrag.NSF - who wouldn't like a 4X performance boost

We have been extensively testing the impact of file Fragmentation on Domino, and I wanted to share with you one interesting set of results.

Yesterday we reviewed one of our customer's larger mail servers, and took aim at some of their bigger mail files.

Non-cached read performance time on one 6+ GB file average over 660 seconds, and the file had over 31K fragments.

After Defrag.nsf did its thing, the read time came down to 168 seconds. We were amazed.

How healthy are your servers?

Go over to our site, request a trial of the release candidate and check it out for yourself.


David said...

Adam, Not sure how you are connected to defrag.nsf but I figured I would ask this question here:

if the claim that it is: runs natively as a Domino server task, then why would it require Windows?

Seeing how Domino is able to run on many OSes the same, it seems odd that the claim to be native. i would disagree.

Can anyone explain that? What if you wanted to run it on the IBM i, AIX, Linux or Solaris?

David said...

O(h, but it looks like a really cool tool and I want it for my Windows servers.

Adam Osborne said...

Hi David, thanks for the comments.

Defrag.NSF uses the windows and Domino C APIs to defrag files and add freespace. It will not work on the Unix versions of Domino.

Kind regards,