Friday, July 11, 2008

Do Domino policies work in the real world ?

We have been putting Domino policies through a series of tests over the last two weeks. The results are interesting. Most of the time they work, but when they kick into action is inconsistent and some settings just never come down, eg. mark messages read in preview.

It got me wondering if policies are widely used and how other people have found them. Let me know...


JYR said...


A good troubleshooting post from Gregg Eldred's blog

Policy Training and Tips


Dynamic Client Configuration - Enabled or Disabled?

Another reason that might explain why certain peoples have problem with policies , it's because they don't receive them at all. I've noticed this behavior when 3 of our clients we're migrated from R4 and R5 to R6 and up.

Sometimes, the design of their personal address book were never refreshed so they didn't have the ($Policies) view that comes with R6 and up.

To manage this issue i've made a little script that was run from the PostOpen of the mail db.It was scanning all available private address books.
If the view was missing i had the choice to replace the design live via script.

Also, i was updating all the document in the personnal NAB because sometimes people gets the wrong form especially for the PErson form (BUsiness card, and in french Carte de visite) . This mismatch in the form name is causing issues with DWA and BBerry when you try to synchronize your contacts.

The result of each scan was saved in a central database to see which user had clicked :

From Notes.Net


Chris Whisonant said...

Oh yeah, I've used them since 6.0 and they've been great (for the most part) - especially after some of the initial kinks were ironed out.

Charles Robinson said...

As long as you're on 7.0.1, 6.5.1 or 6.0.3 or higher they're fine. In earlier releases they were a mess. I do still occasionally run into problems, but it's rare.

robaxe said...

I'm with Chris & Chris. I encourage all of my customers to use them and have them implemented in some fairly large shops 10K+ users. While they aren't 100% reliable and it is true that you can't always pinpoint when they will be pushed and enabled to the client they do work great the vast majority of the time. There are certain settings that are more problematic than others such as the Corporate Welcome page and bookmarks but again for the most part they are great.